Farm Real Estate Market in Faribault County on the Rise

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Faribault County, a sprawling county in the southern part of Minnesota, has a rich mix of farmland and other rural resources. The current landscape of the region has seen an explosion in farm real estate values due to the presence of growing organizations that have backed the demand for this type of land. This article elaborates on the farm real estate companies of Faribault County.

Prospering Agriculture Industry

The agricultural industry within Faribault County is beaming with success. The county holds some of the most valuable farmland in the state, earning 98.2 percent more than the national median for average land sales. This is in part due to its diverse soil types, which range from clay to silt loam, and provide the perfect growing conditions for a variety of crops. This combination of high-quality soil types and celebrated agricultural practices have resulted in the rise of agricultural production in the area by 16.9 percent over the last ten years, with projected growth persisting in the coming years.

Land Auctioning and Property Values

Due to the current demand for Faribault County land, the main method of land acquisition in the county has become auctioneering. This method has grown significantly in popularity over the past decade, now accounting for 41.3 percent of all agricultural land sold in the county. With the implementation of this method, the prices for these properties have now skyrocketed. The average land sale in the county rose to an average of $7,527 per acre, with some portions reaching up to $20,000 per acre. This trend of steeply increasing property values is far from slowing down in the near future.

What is LandProz Real Estate, LLC?

LandProz Real Estate, LLC is the premier firm for farm steady sales, auctioning, and management services in Faribault County. By utilizing their expansive network and true understanding of the local market, they provide a comprehensive approach to the buying and selling of land in the county. From experienced listing agents, to qualified auction staff, they have positioned themselves as the firm that those within the region can trust and rely on.

At LandProz, their focus is delivering the best possible outcomes for each of their valued clients. By providing an honest and transparent approach to the movement of land in the county, they are paving the way for the future of land transactions in Faribault County.


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